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“Women in Focus" offers unparalleled visibility through this dynamic event and its curated community. Our tailored sponsorship approach aligns seamlessly with your marketing goals and mission, tracking success through key performance indicators.


Even through an anonymous contribution, you become an authentic part of the event narrative, conveying your genuine support. As a sponsor, you align yourself with real-world initiatives to combat inequities and disparities plaguing our communities.



Join us in making a lasting impact in Atlanta for women & nonbinary for the wider scope of the film industry!

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Topo Chico has always been known for the legend surrounding its origins. Today, it is one of the world's largest and best sparkling mineral water brands, with several flavors and packages sizes to satisfy even the most legendary thirst. Whether you believe in the legend or not, you'll still be able to enjoy the crisp, no-calorie taste of Topo Chico.


At ‘Jentl, the purity of ingredients is supreme. Only organic, unrefined, grade A butters and oils. To ensure quality while encouraging up-cycling,

‘Jentl utilizes glass packaging only. Absolutely no preservatives, fillers, or emulsifiers are used - keeping each jar 100% honest.

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Seed & Spark | Logo


Seed&Spark is where creators and audiences work together to tell stories that celebrate diverse voices and foster vibrant conversation.


ATLFilmParty (AFP) is a free local Atlanta film competition and industry networking event with a goal of transforming ATL’s film industry into a real a$$ community that is accessible to all.

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Resonant Studios is a haven for Atlanta's creative community. Founded by local filmmakers, our aim is to foster creative collaborations with visionaries from the commercial, film, and non-profit spaces.


(404) 939-5282



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