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Colour Co. is an Atlanta equipment rental group & creative collective started by four local Atlanta creatives, focused on providing people of diverse backgrounds with quality equipment and resources to tell their stories.

Deanna Headshot

Deanna Griffin
Lead Team Producer

Eric Headshot

Eric Kamusau
Director of Content

Sydney Headshot

Sydney Seabron
Marketing Manager

Immanuel Powell Headshot

Immanuel Powell
Operations Manager

At Colour Co., we pride ourselves on being more than just an equipment rental company; we are driven by a powerful mission to support underrepresented creatives, especially those of color.   Our commitment to inclusivity and fostering a supportive community ensures that every creative voice is heard and celebrated. We envision a future where access to top-notch equipment is not limited by background or resources but is instead a stepping stone for untapped talent to flourish. Our audience is not just a group of customers; they are the heart and soul of a movement that propels diversity, creativity, and drives positive change in every project they undertake.

Our Work

education, storytelling, community

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